An Operator is a method of packaging, deploying and managing a Kubernetes-native application. With operators, you can manage the lifecycle of the apps in your cluster and consistently install, update, and monitor system components by using operators.

The GitLab Runner operator aims to manage the lifecycle of GitLab Runner instances in your Kubernetes or Openshift container platforms. The GitLab Runner operator uses native Kubernetes resources to deploy and manage GitLab Runner instances in your cluster. It therefore will presumably run on any container platform that is derived from Kubernetes.

Gitlab Runner Operator for Power

Gitlab has undoubtedly gained a lot of popularity in past few…

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GitLab is a web-based Git repository which offers an end-to-end approach to manage the whole workflow of a project. Like GitHub, it offers features for issue tracking and project management. Additionally, it is designed to help manage the entire software development lifecycle. These additional features include managing the sharing of code between different team members, bug tracking, wiki space and Continuous Integration/Deployment pipeline.

GitLab for Power!

With GitLab gaining popularity in the recent years with the various features it provides, the demand for it has been increasing. Several Gitlab customers use IBM Power9 systems, which leads to the need for Gitlab on power.

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